Technology in New Home Construction

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I saw a TV show recently about the new aircraft carriers being built today. One thing of special note was how they leave open space on the bridge for installation of technology that hasn’t yet been developed.  When you consider that the building of such a ship is planned down to the last millimeter, it’s interesting to see this concept used.
It is no different when ABQ Homebuilders designs your new home.  We consider every possibility for now and the future.  Current trends dictate we make room for upcoming technology as well as existing.

Planning for advances in home tech can prove complicated.  With things moving along so quickly these days, builders must be ready to make changes to keep up.  In the 1980s a builder had to start thinking about putting a phone outlet in every room of the house.  In the 1990s cabinets and countertops got extra electrical outlets to accommodate new home electronics. Beginning in the 2000s there was less focus on bedrooms and family and media rooms carried most of the electronic burden in a home.  Now we’re making way for all of the wireless technology and while keeping pace isn’t always easy, it’s what we strive to do.

There is a new trend taking place in home technology.  Automated home systems that control security, lighting comfort zones and entertainment are high on the list of requests by current homeowners.  All of these items can now be controlled from a cell phone but it’s up to builders to make sure the home is prepared to accept this technology.
There are many subcontractors that offer these services.  It is of the utmost importance that you check their policies and procedures and ensure they provide quality products and services.  This is particularly true if your project is small and you are dealing directly with the vendors.

The technology we are seeing today can provide additional security and comforts if they are built into your home in such a way that allows for future expansion and upgrades.  Allow your professional builder to provide you with their evaluation of what items best fit into your home now and in the future.

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